Accountant with English language

Our client is a global company and its global network extends across 162 countries and territories, with 73,854 people working out of 1,500 offices and they’re all working towards one goal- to provide clients with exceptional service.

The firms across the network cooperate closely and comply with consistent operating principles and quality standards. That means local resources who understand business, local and international markets and the specifics of client´s industry: all backed by a truly global network.


The company vision is to be the leader for exceptional client service. This is not about reinventing the profession’s approach to service, but about delivering the services exceptionally well – and delivering that high quality consistently in every office, every country and every territory where they have a presence.

There are five key components that describe the company and the consistently exceptional service delivery:

  • CLIENT NEEDS: they anticipate clients’ needs and are forthright in their views, in order to ensure the best outcome
  • COMMUNICATION: they are always clear, open & swift in communication
  • COMMITMENT: they agree to and meet their commitments, meaning that they deliver what they promise, every day, for every client
  • PEOPLE: they provide the right environment for their people to grow and develop – but also the right people to deliver for their clients
  • VALUE: They focus on creating value: giving clients up to date ideas and valuable insights and advice that they can trust

Due to constant growth of the company there is a need to braod the team of proffesionls. One of the needed position right now is an Accountant with English language.

Main responsibilities:

  • Complex processing of bookkeeping agenda for clients
  • Communication with clients (also in foreign languages ), with the tax authorities and other state institutions
  • Double entry bookkeeping
  • Providing support to clients with accounting questions
  • Bank payment orders preparation or control the orders prepared by Trainee
  • Preparation of documents for bookkeeping
  • Reporting according to the individual client requirements
  • Controling of the work of interns and trainees
  • Preparation and controlling of reports
  • Preparation of financial statements and cooperation with Trainee
  • Preparation of tax return and cooperation with Trainee
  • Reconciliation of balance sheet accounts and control reconciliation prepared by Trainee
  • Responsibility for the accuracy of bookkeeping
  • Monitoring of legislative changes related to accounting, tax and payroll agenda, their implementation and communication to the clients and team members
  • Intern and trainee management
  • Cooperation with others and other departments to solve problems

– relevant education and 1+ years of relevant work experience
– excellent communication skills
– willingness to learn
– active English language

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