Payroll assistant/ specialist

Main responsibilities:

As a part of BSO team you will execute various payroll services based on clients´requests such as:

  • Preparation of payroll and electronic pay-slips and their monthly sending to employees 
  • Calculation of salary compensation for temporary incapacity for work, forwarding of documentation relating to long-term sickness (after 10 days) to the social insurance company
  • Preparation and filing of monthly statements for the Slovak social security and health insurance authorities
  • Preparation and filing of monthly statements for the Slovak tax authorities
  • Preparation and archiving of employee records
  • Preparation and updating of registration data and all other personal data of employees, as well as entitlements for the application of tax bonus 
  • Preparation of documentation for bookkeeping, materials for salary payments, and payments of related social security and health insurance contributions, administration of payments and payment orders
  • Preparation of salary deductions in accordance with the valid regulations, preparation of legal and contractual deductions of employees including pension schemes
  • Preparation of annual payroll reconciliation
  • Preparation of annual reports for the Slovak tax authorities
  • Assistance with the registration and de-registration of our clients’ employees for Slovak social security and health insurance purposes for the start and termination of employment, as well as related services
  • Other payroll services upon request

 Experience and skills

  • 1+ relevant work experience
  • Sedondary specialized school for economy or University education
  • active English language
  • willingness to learn
  • teamplayer
  • responsible and reliable personality
  • communication skills, proactivity and customer orientation

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